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Jimmy G. 3 years ago
I caught the clap fucking a truck stop whore. For 0 she fucked me for an hour. She gave good head her pussy was loose but I unloaded many sperm inside. Couple days later I burned like crap she gave me disease.
3 years ago
I would not call that a maniac
Lol 3 years ago
Prostitutes don't go on camera and talk about money. Fake
3 years ago
Is everyone fucking hookers raw lol
3 years ago
Someone needs to teach her how to suck dick.
Node 3 years ago
She is so sexy, I would love to fuck her too !!!
Dog 1 year ago
She must have been r*** meny times before and that is a real turn on what a sex whose she is
This is good 3 years ago
This is good
truck stop 1 year ago
Homecoming queen, head cheerleader I would blow the boys after skool. Found out that the old pervs at the truck stop would pay. Instead of giving it away for a blow job, to fuck me and a BJ 0 for my ass. Stop on the way home from skool make a couple 0.
alan 3 years ago
I would fuck her for free